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Most events are open to non-members. For those events, registration is free and open to everyone - not only Queen Mary students. 

  • Land Law Panel
    Mon, 14 Dec
    A panel held on the 14th of December talking about Land law in more depth. It discusses what Land law at the Bar looks like, as well as the challenges barristers experience. This panel is to be hosted by Tanfield Chambers.
  • 'What Law Schools Do Not Teach You' A Judge's Perspective
    Thu, 10 Dec
    A talk with Judge Rea on the tips and information that law school fails to teach you. An informative talk on what the bar is looking for based on the perspective of a judge
  • "Life Within the Criminal Justice System"
    Tue, 01 Dec
    QMBS is delighted to re-host this panel, but this time with QM Criminal Justice Society! This panel has been created to satisfy your curiosity of what practising in crime is really like; this panel held on 1st of December aims to answer any speculations regarding a career at the Criminal Bar.
  • Public Law and Human Rights Panel
    Wed, 11 Nov
    A panel that provides an in depth look at the application and development of Public Law and Human Rights at the bar, held on the 11th of November
  • Judge Rea Talk: COVID-19 & Judicial Tech
    Mon, 09 Nov
    Zoom - Scroll Down for Ticket Link
    Held on 9th November, this talk from Judge Rea talks about the effects of COVID-19 on judicial tech, and the use of technology in courts and the bar.
  • How to Network
    Mon, 02 Nov
    This panel will be held 2nd of November, and outline the various tips and tricks students can use when networking. Teaching the do's and don'ts of networking.
  • BTP/GDL/Scholarship Evening
    Wed, 21 Oct
    A panel explaining the career options available to students who have completed their undergraduate degree. This panel will elaborate on the pathways available to both law and non-law students, and receive advice from scholars on how they obtained an Inns of Court Scholarship.
  • S.T.E.M At The Bar
    Mon, 19 Oct
    This panel targets students who began in S.T.E.M (Science, Technology, Economics, and Math) subjects. It outlines the routes they can take to transition to law, as well as providing anecdotal stories from Barristers who made the change. It is to be held on 19th of October. 
  • Non-Law Panel
    Tue, 06 Oct
    Held on 6th of October, this panel will discuss the different pathways students who began in non law subjects can take in order to transition to a career in law and the bar.
  • What is a Mini-Pupillage/Pupillage and How Do I Get One?
    Thu, 01 Oct
    An event held in collaboration with the Commercial Awareness Society, shedding the light on what a Mini-Pupillage/Pupillage is, as well as outlining the key skills and tricks needed to obtain one.
  • Introduction to Law
    Tue, 29 Sep
    A virtual panel discussion to discuss the distinction between solicitors, barristers and solicitor advocates. This talk provides you a guide to begin your career in law and to understand what practising in law is really like.